Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Is it sinking in?

I’ve taken a break from blogging about READY while starting a new position at the International Rescue Committee. The intervention pilot trial is continuing, though, and I recently returned from a visit to Muhuru.

Because READY is delivered in Dholuo, the local language, it’s rare for me to have a direct conversation with participants about what they are learning and practicing in the program. So I was thankful for this young man’s confidence in front of a camera and his excellent English that gave me a glimpse into his experience. 

In this first clip, I ask about if there have been any changes in his family since participating in READY. He focuses on the ways that quarrels have changed and (with the help of a friend) remembers the communication and relationship skills he's learned. 

Here, I was curious to ask more about whether he thought the Economic Empowerment module of READY might have led to any changes...

This interview doesn’t document behavior change with confidence. But his comments do speak to whether the content is being delivered with fidelity and in a way that is understandable and accessible. 

(Note: This young man and his caregivers gave permission for this to be online.)

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